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Ossool with its technology partners can provide a cost-effective solution to improve hotel organization's efficiency through asset inventory management using RFID technology one of today’s most potential deployment technologies. Hotel organizations are invariably competing in assuring the service quality and are facing many challenges in terms of fixed asset inventory management that directly impacts the overall customer satisfaction.


Ossool comprehensive physical inventory services enhance our clients’ compliance with regulatory and internal policies and procedures by improving medical and IT equipment visibility related to location, usage, and condition.
Our expertise ranges from auditing decentralized urgent care clinics with a nationwide presence to reconciling equipment registers on hospital campuses; and from inventorying small family practices to verifying equipment in large medical research facilities.


Ossool performs professional fixed asset inventory services for organizations of all sizes. Combining precision planning and advanced technology, with experienced professionals, Ossool can quickly and accurately obtain comprehensive, up-to-date fixed asset inventory data by conducting onsite physical inventory services in any industry.

Our Services

Outsourcing FAR

Recording newly
acquired assets,
tagging, deleting
disposed assets, and
conducting periodical
physical inventory.

Consulting &

Policy development,
asset risk management,
valuation, and
condition evaluation.

Baseline Asset

Asset Verification Plan,
Geographical Location
Coverage Plan, Physical
Asset identification, Asset
reconciliation with
existing FAR , Update
Fixed Asset Register

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